Wishing you all a heartwarming 2010
Changing all post to fit the new theme
changing the 2 year old theme
NaVloPoMo ‘09
Going green and into the cloud
Migrating from Wordpress to Wordpress MU
Video blogging week 2009
Vlogvertising? What the F*ck!
the new standard
videobloggingweek 2007
De Balie: Iraq Debate – A new approach
De Balie: permanent breakfast
going, going, …
I’m going to Berlin!
set for vloggercon
De Balie: The ZINA Wedding
Vloggercon promo (postitive)
Have money will vlog
De Balie: Internationaal Literatuurfestival
We all speak football
De Balie: Toneelschrijfdagen 2006 (2)
De Balie: Toneelschrijfdagen 2006 (1)
vlog week 2006
Digital Lifestyle Day (DLD06)
filming ICKD_3 at De Waag Amsterdam
videobites: node101
Les Blogs 2.0!
Our Social World Conference
Les Blogs 2.0?!
Blogher Conference 2005
Wikimania 2005
Levend Zand
Les Blogs 2005 is active
Departe Amsterdam to Les Blogs Paris
I’m going to Les Blogs 2005!


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